Tipping on Kilimanjaro

Please note that US Dollars must be dated at least 2009 or newer.  Older bills will not be accepted in Tanzania.

These tipping guidelines are intended to assist you in determining a proper tip amount for your guide and porters. The figures below constitute an appropriate tip for good service. Tipping is customary, though not obligatory. It is perfectly acceptable to give more or less than these figures.

Tipping Guidelines

 (per client)
Group Size 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days
1 $310 – $320 $360 – $370 $410 – $420 $460 – $470
2-3 $235 – $250 $265 – $280 $300 – $315 $335 –$350
4+ $160 – $180 $180 – $200 $205 – $225 $230 – $250

Before the climb, you will be given a tipping sheet that lists the names of the guides, cooks and porters. Most groups discuss their tipping amounts collectively and gather all the money together into a pool. Then the group will decide how much to give each individual by writing it on the tipping sheet. At the tipping ceremony on the last day of the climb, the spokesperson for the group will say a few words of praise and then read out loud what the tip is for each crew member. This ensures that each crew member knows what amount is meant for him.

The spokesperson can give the entire tip to the head guide at the hotel. The tips will be distributed to the crew later on. Note that this tipping procedure conforms to the guidelines set forth by the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project. Peak Planet and KPAP have found this to be the most practical and transparent method for tipping.

Tipping can be made in Tanzanian Shillings or US Dollars. However, US Dollars must be dated 2009 or later and not be damaged.

Tipping on Safari

The general guideline for tipping during the safari is $25-$30 per day for the guide total. So for a 5-day safari, a good tip to the guide is $125-$150 regardless of the number of passengers.

Tipping in Tanzania

You will find that there will be people helping you various times during your trip.  For example, there may be a person at the airport helping you carry your baggage. At the lodge, someone may bring your bags from the taxi to the lobby to your room. If you have 3 bags, it is not unusual for there to be 3 people, with each one carrying only one bag. You can tip each person $1 if you like.

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